Typeset beautiful math
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  • Mac OS 10.6.6 or later

  • No LaTeX install required

  • Drag & drop to a variety of Apps like Pages, Word and Numbers

  • ✔ Math is rendered live as you type

  • ✔ Export to PDF, PNG, JPEG or GIF format

  • ✔ Command autocompletion

  • Color your equations

  • ✔ Extend the built in math palette with your own custom expressions

  • ✔ Read embedded expressions from PDFs created with Brisk

Brisk makes it easy to quickly typeset math in LaTeX on your Mac. You don't need to install gigabytes of LaTeX anymore. Brisk understands a math subset right out of the box and renders expressions on-the-fly as you type them!

Drag & Drop

You can directly drag & drop the equation from Brisk into other applications like Pages or Word. Brisk exports math in PDF, PNG, JPEG or GIF formats.


If you are familiar with LaTeX, you will feel right at home in Brisk. With the built in palettes and command autocompletion the most common expressions are right at your fingertips whenever you need them.

LaTeX free

With Brisk, there is no need to install several gigabytes of LaTeX anymore. Brisk features a math subset of LaTeX right out of the box! For a complete list of supported commands, look here

Custom Palette

If you don't find an expression you need frequently in the default palette, just type the expression once and save it to your custom palette.


PDFs exported with Brisk contain the LaTeX source and can be re-imported again.