available on theApp Store
  • iOS 4.2 or later

  • Plays in sync with your friends device!

  • Stream music to a nearby friend on the go

  • ✔ Supports DRM free music, podcasts and audio books

  • ✔ The full audio experience. Stereo!

  • Bookmark new music

  • ✔ Supports your headphone remote

  • ✔ iTunes store integration

Stream music on the go

Eavesdrop gives your music wings and let's you create your own personal radio station on your iPhone or iPod Touch. With Eavesdrop you can easily stream your entire music collection to another nearby iOS device.

Stream music on the go

Eavesdrop streams DRM free music, podcasts and audiobooks to a nearby friend via Bluetooth or WiFi. No configuration required.

Plays in sync

Eavesdrop keeps the playback delay on the other device to a minimum so you can enjoy music together beat for beat.

Bookmark new music

Heard a track you like, but it's on your friends device? Directly browse for the track in iTunes or bookmark it

Remote & background playback

Eavesdrop supports your headphone remote and can stream your tracks in the background